About Lostwolfe and this blog

An icon bearing the "likeness" of lostwolfe, the authorLostwolfe:

I am a gamer who has been around just about as long as there have been games.  I got into and enjoyed popular music all the way from the 1980’s until the turn of the new millenium.  When music started being generally vapid, I started following my own particular bliss and now listen to whatever sounds sonically interesting.  I have a fondness for movies of the comic variety, I love science fiction and fantasy [but not high fantasy, in general, because high fantasy can be a whole bunch of schlock and silliness.] and I very much enjoy computer generated and regular, old-school, drawn-by-hand animated movies.

The Blog:

This blog is all about various media experiences I have.  I want to get back into doing a little bit of writing on a schedule and I want to pick up a couple of old habits I have somewhat abandoned.  [Doing a proper bit of reading in the evenings and actually sitting down to listen to an album from end to end.]

I hope you will find something of interest here and I appreciate that you are reading this.